Piano Events

Lots of activities to keep your child working toward goals!

Summit Piano Studio Events

Students at Summit Piano have lots of ways to share their music with others, while keeping them interested and working towards greater goals. 

Twice a year, we have studio-wide playing opportunities; a piano playing party in December, and a formal Spring Recital in May. There are also regional recitals in November and April specifically for students preparing for the Sonata/Sonatina Celebration and the ASMTA Festival.

In addition to studio events, the following events are available to students.  

Sonata/Sonatina Celebration

The Northwest Arkansas Music Teachers Association (NAMTA) sponsors the Sonata/Sonatina Celebration in early November. Students play two or movements of a Sonatina, or a fast movement of a Sonata, memorized for a judge. Grades and points are awarded, and students that accumulate points over the years can earn trophies. This is a non-competitive event; students are judged on how well they play their chosen music only.

ASMTA Region 1 Festival

Northwest Arkansas is in Region 1 of the Arkansas State Music Teachers Association. In April, they hold the ASMTA Festival, which consists of playing two memorized pieces for a judge, taking a written music theory test, and a practical musicianship test. Winners and alternates from this competition are chosen in 12 different levels, and the winners go on to participate in the state competition in June. Visit the Preparation Page to see what is involved!

Piano Guild Auditions

The piano guild’s function is to establish definite goals and awards–in noncompetitive auditions–for students of all levels, from the earliest beginner to the gifted prodigy. Students are judged on individual merit, by a well-qualified music professional, in the areas of accuracy, continuity, phrasing, pedaling, dynamics, rhythm, tempo, tone, interpretation, style, and technique. The purpose is to encourage growth and enjoyment through the study of piano and give an annual assessment. I encourage all students at Summit Piano School to participate in Guild Auditions!

Royal Conservatory of Music

Royal Conservatory examinations provide a national standard for students, parents and teachers to track and measure progress and achievements. Preparing for and successfully completing an examination builds self-confidence and helps students develop a sense of pride. This rigorous program consists of three music selections from their syllabus, technical tests, sight-reading, and Musicianship. The closest audition center to us is Kansas City, MO.

2019 Piano Guild Auditions

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2019 Piano Guild Auditions

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2019 Piano Guild Auditions

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