Accelerated Piano Program

A Piano Program for Ages 7 and up

Piano lessons have been the same for decades. The typical piano lesson for a beginner is just a half-hour. Students are often stuck learning songs they don’t enjoy and they get frustrated with practicing. Parents tire of nagging their children to practice.  It’s no wonder that so many kids end up quitting their piano lessons because they were frustrated.

At Summit Piano School, we teach piano lessons differently. We use a special program for ages 7 and up that leave students feeling accomplished, creative & inspired.   

We recommend the Accelerated Piano Program for students because…

  • Students get a longer lesson time.  The standard lesson length for a beginner is typically 30-minutes.  The Accelerated Piano Program is nearly 1 hour, which allows for students to dive deeper into learning their music and feel confident when they leave.
  • Students learn their music in the lesson itself. Because students are here for an hour, they will leave already knowing how to play their pieces. This puts less pressure on them to just “get it” at home, eliminating the practice headaches!
  • Students learn faster in this format.  Students in the Accelerated Piano Program complete their books up to twice as fast than in traditional piano lessons.  
  • Students make friends with other students.  Students enjoy the social aspect of lessons and are glad to see their new friends each week.
  • There’s more motivation to succeed.  Watching others work at the piano is a natural stimulant. Students see their friends succeeding at piano, therefore their expectations rise as they see what can be accomplished.
  • Unlimited make-up lessons with easy online rescheduling so students don’t have to miss a single lesson.

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